101 in 1001

101 in 1001:

1.Make a list of 101 things (1/7/16).

2.Start a journal to record when I did each thing on this list and write down my thoughts on them (1/4/16)

3.Allow myself to change—and to change things on this list, if appropriate.


4.Plan ahead and buy thoughtful gifts for my parents (two birthdays, two Christmas’s, cards for two anniversaries).

5.Call my grandparents on their birthdays.

6.Go on a trip with both my parents.

7.Make at least one casual visit to each set of grandparents.

8.Send/give at least 30 cards.

9.Compile addresses for friends + family members in a Google Doc.

10.  Send Christmas cards.

11.  Begin donating money to church + other organizations I care about.

12.  Volunteer somewhere I care about.

13.  Buy something for a stranger.

14.  Foster and consider adopting a cat.

15.  Buy flowers for a friend.

16.  Make a new friend.

17.  Start/join some sort of club/group.

18.  Have friends over for dinner 3 times.


19. Graduate from Georgetown.

20.  Update my resume.

21.  Create an e-portfolio.

22.  Have a new headshot taken.

23.  Get a job post-grad school.

24.  Create a new budget.

25.  Save $15,000.

26.  Learn some coding (ie. basics of Python).

27.  Do 3 Lynda courses.


28. Move to a new apartment.

29.  Hang framed art on the walls.

30.  Buy a new piece of furniture that I love.

31.  Buy a few useful tools (hammer, wrench, etc.).

32.  Have a real Christmas tree!

33.  Host a fun party with good snacks.


34.  Read 5 spiritual memoirs.

35.  Go on a retreat.

36.  Go to confession.

37.  Attend non-Sunday Mass at least 5 times.

38.  Find a spiritual director and begin meeting regularly.

39.  Join a CLC or small group.


40. Get my thyroid checked.

41. Go to an allergist.

42. Find a gym/exercise studio I like and go once a week for 3 months.

43. Figure out why my computer has no disc space.

44. Go through unroll.me (AGAIN).

45. Get up 15 minutes earlier every morning for a month (not weekends) to make a cup of tea and read/write/reflect.

46. Sleep 8 hours (or until I wake up on my own) every night for 2 weeks.

47. Go through my wardrobe post-grad school.

48. Learn more about food photography (buy a book, take a class, etc.).

49. Go through all of the paperwork on my desk, organize it appropriately, and keep it clutter-free for 3 months.

50. Go two weeks without eating sweets.


51. Watch the sunset.

52.  Watch the sunrise.

53.  Have a picnic.

54.  Get a pedicure.

55.  Watch The Wire.

56.  Watch The Godfather movies.

57.  Watch 10 of the documentaries on Netflix I’ve had saved for ages.

58.  Leave a note inside a book for someone to find.

59.  Buy (or be gifted) a large pack of colorful sharpies.

60.  Put together a badass cheese plate.

61.  Bake a layer cake.

62.  Join a CSA (or if I can’t find one that’s the right fit, commit to regularly going to a farmer’s market).


63. Update BecauseKale layout and create an Instagram account (1/3/16).

64.  Finish 3 journals.

65.  Write everyday for 3 months.

66.  Post on my blog an average of once a month (to start post-CCT, if necessary).

67.  Read 30 new books.

68.  Re-read Harry Potter.

69.  Bake bread 5 times.

70.  Make 40 new recipes.


71. Visit a new country.

72.  Visit a new state.

73.  Visit a new city in the US.

74.  Take a roadtrip.

75.  Swim in the ocean.

76.  Visit my Uncle Tom in Orlando and go to Harry Potter World.

77.  See a Cards-Cubs game in Chicago.

78.  Hike Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire.


79. Visit the Smithsonian Castle (1/6/16).

80.  Visit the Museum of Natural History (1/6/16).

81.  Visit the Holocaust Museum (1/6/16).

82.  Visit the National Postal Museum.

83.  Visit the Air & Space Museum.

84.  Visit the Renwick Gallery.

85.  Visit the National Museum of the American Indian.

86.  Visit the Library of Congress.

87.  Visit the Hirshhorn Museum.

88.  Go to Eastern Market.

89.  See the ZooLights at the National Zoo (1/1/2016).

90.  Visit the National Arboretum.

91.  Go on a distillery tour at One Eight Distilling.

92.  Explore Roosevelt Island.

93.  Go to a free show at the Kennedy Center.

94.  Go hiking in Virginia (maybe climb Old Rag?!).

95.  Visit Harper’s Ferry.

96.  Watch a Nationals-Cardinals game.

97.  Eat at 5 new-to-me restaurants (Bayou Bakery – 1/3/16).

98.  Sing karaoke at Millie and Al’s.

99.  Buy a book at Kramer’s.

100.        Visit the Pretzel Bakery.