a sunday at home + georgetown cupcakes.

After an action-packed day on Saturday at Mardi Gras, I headed home on Sunday to spend the day with my extended family. It was wonderful and relaxing–exactly what the doctor ordered before a stressful midterms week.

My aunt was also visiting town from Washington, DC, and she brought us some of the famous Georgetown Cupcakes! I tried several flavors:  Red Velvet, Irish Cream, and Cookies & Cream with Mint icing. My favorite was by far the Irish Cream. They got a little squished in transport, but still tasted wonderful.

As much as I love SLU and St. Louis, home is always such a nice change. The drive home is one of my favorite parts. As I begin to leave the city, I always switch my radio station or iPod to country music (if it’s not already there). The further south I drive, the highway gradually gets narrower and less crowded, and I start to see more and more trees and rolling hills. And part of me can just feel that I’m getting closer to home. And sometimes there is no place in the world that I would rather be.


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