this is country music.

There are a lot of people who don’t like country music; it’s too twangy, too redneck, too… country. However, I’m not one of them; in fact, I absolutely love the stuff. I’m from a small town in the Midwest, so I suppose this isn’t that surprising.

To me, country music is about a feeling, a time, a place. Country music takes me home again, no matter where I am. I love country music because it’s real. It’s honest–sometimes brutally so. Most importantly, country music is down to earth. And at the end of the day, country songs get a part of me that no other music does.

Brad Paisley’s recent song, “This Is Country Music,” hits the nail on the head of all of the reasons why I love country music.

Yeah, this is country music.
So turn it on, turn it up, and sing along
This is real; this is your life in a song
Just like a road that takes you home
Yeah, this is right where you belong

Here’s a few more of my recent favorite country songs.


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