Monthly Archives: April 2014

just say yes.

I’m realizing life is defined by our choices whether to say yes, please or no thanks more than almost anything else.

And this time, I’m saying yes.

The other thing? Being interested, acting like it, and pursuing those interests—in relationships, friendships, work, and everything else.

We’re so afraid to show interest because of the fear of rejection, but I’m committing to saying yes more and more and more. (And more no’s too—none of this non-committal in-between nonsense.)


the city will change you.

So, despite the love I feel for Andy Grammer’s new song, Back Home, I do take issue with one thing about it. As he says in the chorus:

See, we won’t forget where we came from
The city won’t change us
We beat to the same drum
No, we won’t forget where we came from
The city can’t change us
We beat to the same drum, the same drum

Because here’s the thing: the city can and WILL change you, whatever the city may represent to you (for me, it literally is the cities I’ve called home these past 6.5 years).

The city will break you, it will make you question yourself, and it will leave you with bruises and scars. It will also make you feel alive in completely new ways.

That doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten where you came from.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find your way back home.

But it does mean that these places you go, the things you experience, they alter you in one way or another. It’s inevitable, and it’s often irreversible.

That’s not a bad thing; in fact, it can be a good thing because growth is necessary to life. For me, I’ve learned to see home with completely new eyes: both the good and the bad.

So cheers to finding your way back home, but remember that you can never go back to exactly the same person you were when you left. While the core of you may remain the same, you’ll always keep changing. And that’s completely fine.