it’s memorial day weekend!

To me, Memorial Day weekend has come to mean one thing over the past few years: ROAD TRIP TIME!

Two years ago, I was prepping to head to Portland, Maine with my JVC community members and most of the rest of JVC East to spend the long weekend together. One of my favorite memories of that weekend? The drive there with Maggie and Cristina, stopping at Sonic (a novelty in New England… not so much here in the Midwest!), and blaring Maggie’s mix CDs that became the soundtrack to our summer together.

Around this time last year, I was really missing JVC, so I did what I do, and I impulsively bought a plane ticket to Boston. Things worked out just right, so I ended up making another road trip with Maggie up to Maine to spend part of the weekend with some of our (now) FJV friends.

I decided to forego another impulsive plane ticket to New England this year (although it was a tempting idea), but I couldn’t pass up a prime road trip opportunity. I’ve got work today, then a few things to take care of tonight.

But tomorrow morning, I’ll be waking up early, hopefully running to the farmer’s market for some strawberries (real talk: I’ve been craving these since last June), gathering my snacks, and packing up my car to spend the weekend in Nashville with my best friend!

Our plans for the weekend tentatively include: going out on Broadway, paying a visit to the Bluebird Cafe, hanging out in East Nashville, lounging at her apartment pool, and more.

I’m already loving this Memorial Day road trip tradition.


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