Monthly Archives: June 2014


Over a 3.5 week period in August, I will be…

  • leaving my full time job
  • packing up my entire life into boxes and suitcases
  • moving out of my apartment with my two roommates
  • turning over the keys to my car
  • saying a lot of “see you later’s”

And then, I’ll be…

  • getting on a plane to fly to Washington, DC
  • moving into an apartment with new roommates
  • unpacking some of those suitcases and boxes (some are going to live with Mom & Dad, thanks!)
  • exploring a new neighborhood
  • getting a Washington, DC metro card
  • starting school for the first time in four (!!!) years
  • starting a new part time job

I will be leaving my job, apartment, neighborhood, city, beloved home state, family, friends, car, gym, routines, favorite bars and coffeeshops, my walks at Tower Grove park, all of it.

That’s really exciting because I’m about to do something really awesome. But it’s also really terrifying in some moments and really sad in a lot more.

Because even though all of these changes are exciting and wonderful, they are still change. And all change inevitably means some kind of loss is going to take place. And every loss needs to be mourned adequately.